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The problem has been known since the 1950s - roughly 70 years and nothing has ever been done about it.  The air in the cabin is still ‚bled off’ (the engines) in airplanes - with the well-known possible consequences for flight safety and health, in particular that of  flight crew. We have the cultural history on 'Flying is safe' and the ongoing problems investigated at (EN).

Although the cabin air is 50% re-circulated in modern aircraft types, the basic problem remains unsolved. With one exception: the Boeing B787.  This is/was also the state of knowledge at the first big conference on this topic in London in September 2017. The presentations can now be viewed here:  

There are many reasons why no solutions are found: the targeted influencing of scientific discussions, the airlines’ economic interests, the links between politics and air transport industry and other reasons.

The ‚Aerotoxic Logbook’, launched in January 2017, is a first comprehensive documentation addressing the problem of potentially contaminated cabin air ( - German) and documents what is happening in this area.  Or, what is not happening. And why not. This German language blog ( is now also available in English and can be accessed directly via this permalink: And you should also have a look at - an "ABC" under permanent construction.

The information we collect in German is translated by Bearnairdine BEAUMONT who operates the network  and the blog

With the ‚Aerotoxic Logbook’ we want to achieve international networking,  bringing together all initiatives and activities to communicate about this unsolved problem and to initiate solutions. At the same time it is a scientific experiment: What must happen before a problem is addressed?

Other initiatives providing information on the contaminated air issue you can get here (right side).

9 August 2021

"Fume Event" expert witness Prof. DREXLER and the Nuremberg judiciary.

His most important evidence was withheld by his employer TUIfly, the BG Verkehr and the social court. Now he has filed criminal charges for attempted trial fraud and against his expert witness. The former captain Markus FENZEL (see the entry of June 14) is now testing the "constitutional state of Germany". Among other things, we describe the legal procedure at the public prosecutor's office and describe the unholy symbiosis between social courts judges and their "proven experts" at and in brief at

2nd August 2021

The BG Verkehr's "doctrine" on "fume events": "odours"!

The asbestos industry and the tobacco companies had - from their point of view successfully - set an example: how to unsettle people and the media, but above all politicians, with their opinions derived from their own research: dangerous or not? The Berufsgenossenschaft Verkehr is copying this successful principle in the matter of "Fume Events". Described in detail at , in brief on 1 page at

26 July 2021


We are revisiting the subject of "no precise figures on how often such cabin air contamination events occur", which we presented at a virtual press conference for MEPs on 18/19 December last year. Nobody is interested in that. Because dramatic incidents have occurred so often, tacit acceptance poses a serious risk to air safety. We have described this in detail at and in brief on 1 page here :

June 28, 2021

Action Bundestag Election: Letter No. 4 to the Members of the Bundestag (MdB): Urinary bladder cancer and Prof. DREXLER in court

It is a classic case: The BG (=Berufsgenossenschaft = Professional Insurance Association) immediately calls in a high-ranking expert who proceeds to reject the claim of the injured party for recognition of a "BK" (=Berufskrankheit = Occupational Disease). The social court adopts the opinion 1:1. It takes two full years to come to this conclusion.

You only have a chance if you manage to raise several thousand euros to hire your own independent expert who does not allow himself to get tied into the lucrative mainstream of statutory accident insurances. As a rule, the mainstream experts' reports are so thin that it is easy for a clever toxicologist to pick the mainstream arguments apart. In the mentioned case, it concerned the highest-ranking occupational physician in Germany: Prof. Dr Hans DREXLER:

The short version compressed onto 1 page can be found at

and in detail at (both in German).

Prof. DREXLER is also involved in expert opinions concerning fume events.

June 14th, 2021 - election year

50,000 cases = approx. 100,000 votes, every year: second letter to the members of parliament.

"If you flew with TUIfly from time to time before 2011, perhaps on holiday, it could well be that Capt. Markus FENZEL got you up in the air and from there safely back on the ground. In his captain's final check you can read: "a very dedicated performance", and that he is " very thorough in his planning and execution."

Now, 10 years have passed since he's been unable to fly. Unfit to fly. Unfit for work: concentration problems, a "liver insufficiency due to poisoning". This is what is stated in a study by the (German) Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation (BFU), p. 34, ref: BFU 5X011-11. All under the heading (and completely contradictory): "Serious incident without casualties".

Lasting damage to one’s health, due to a so-called fume event, when toxic substances from burnt turbine oil enter the cabin air, is not considered an "injury" in this country. Not by this authority. Not at the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA). Not by the Berufsgenossenschaft Verkehr (workers compensation board). Not at the Federal Association of the German Air Transport Industry. To the outside world, they all (only) talk about "odour incidents". That sounds harmless and no one gets the idea that this can be associated with a severe poisoning, which completely destroys the life of a pilot for his 'remaining time': health-wise and financially. Because the professional association (of course) does not pay. Just as they have enforced this for decades concerning asbestos.

Pilots have to follow up to 50 flight control instructions in a highly concentrated manner, e.g. on the route from London to Nuremberg, or in a totally congested airspace. For pilots who generally and above all blindly rely on the information provided by others (ground staff, air traffic controllers, technical maintenance), a whole world collapses when they become unfit to fly after a fume event, when they realise that nothing is correct any more: the promise that one is protected in the event of an incident, the belief that one can rely on the rule of law in case of doubt. None of this turns out to be true. A conspiracy? Behind the scenes?

"According to the airline, the technical examination of the aircraft did not provide any indication of the cause of the odour," the BFU  continues.

"During the subsequent investigation, oil deposits were found in the load compressor of the APU," it said - for about 2 weeks - on TUIfly's intranet. And: "As soon as the results are available, we will inform you".

This is what the "results" looked like In the Employer's Liability Insurance Association (BG),  "accident investigation report": the oil deposits and the fume event disappeared. "No findings" it says. A total of 13 times. And that is also what it says in the rejection notice served by the BG. And that is also what the BFU (does not) say. And that's how it is (not) registered at the LBA. And that is also how the judge (does not) read it.

We have reconstructed the three flights and what happened on them in detail, among other things on the basis of the pilots’ and crews’ statements, as well as the cockpit flight report: at  What the ex-pilot could not provide us with: TechLog, FlightLog and the Cockpit Voice Recorder. These documents have been withheld from Capt. Markus FENZEL by TUIfly up until this day. These documents would reveal the manipulation. The judge at the Social Court of Nuremberg is not interested in this (of course) (Ref: S 15 U 254/17). Everyday life in this country?

Would you talk with Cpt. Markus FENZEL? And explain to him why things are the way they are? We will gladly connect you: via or call 0176-52 00 69 15"