The Documentation Center "" in English

The domain address "" (English: "unearth the facts" or "bringing to light") also symbolizes the idea of this virtual Documentation Center:

  • Important investigations (many of which also received awards), reportages, stories and topics are presented
  • How the stories and the topics continued? What was their impact? What did they change? The story behind the story is also being told.
  • It is shown the particular importance of so-called whistleblowers and informers. Whistleblowers draw the attention of the public and the media e.g. on risks or dangers.

We start this section with 4 reports:

Online am: 02.01.2017 | Aktualisiert am: 02.09.2020


Actually it is forbidden that there may be pollutants in the cabin air. And therefore all airplanes must have sensors. But no FAA inspectorate (nor the European EASA) controls them. A safety hazard? Like the "Boeing 737 Max 8"?


Online am: 31.12.2018 | Aktualisiert am: 10.09.2020

The Fume Event Files: Players, Institutions and other Topics

This site is under permament construction - we want to document all relevant aspects. The German version is accessable at


Online am: 01.04.2015 | Aktualisiert am: 27.10.2019

Whistleblower Rudolf ELMER: against tax evasion and Bankhaus Julius Baer

He became known worldwide in February 2008: together with the WikiLeaks platform, which nobody knew before. A common 'birth hour' so to speak. Rudolf ELMER had published documents on the previously unknown disclosure platform that proved how the offshore banking of the Swiss bank Julius BÄR on the Cayman Islands provided financial shelter for drug barons, tax fugitives and corrupt politicians. The bank had the platform blocked by California court ruling. WikiLeaks thus became known overnight. Just like Rudolf ELMER, who had just really started his fight against tax evasion and banking secrecy.


Online am: 01.01.2016 | Aktualisiert am: 02.01.2016

How Greenpeace successfully fought against toxic waste exports

How to bring a sensible problem into the public? And how to discover the hidden business of the toxic waste mafia? And how to re-import 2.000 tons of obsolete pesticides back to the origin? Greenpeace had sufficient ideas. And did so.