Whistleblower Rudolf ELMER: against tax evasion and Bankhaus Julius Baer

He became known worldwide in February 2008: together with the WikiLeaks platform, which nobody knew before. A common 'birth hour' so to speak. Rudolf ELMER had published documents on the previously unknown disclosure platform that proved how the Offshore of the Swiss bank Julius BÄR on Cayman Island provided financial shelter for drug barons, tax fugitives and corrupt politicians. The bank had the platform blocked. WikiLeaks thus became known overnight. Just like Rudolf ELMER, who had just really started his fight against tax evasion and banking secrecy.

You can access this story directly at www.ansTageslicht.de/Whistleblower-Rudolf-Elmer.

Rudolf ELMER: an overview

Far away, in concrete terms: several thousand kilometres away from Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, the world-famous banking district, the largest private bank in Switzerland, Julius Baer, conducts its dubious business. They are particularly lucrative. Up to 40% of the profits come from Cayman Island, a scenic island. The clientele stands in contrast to this. And so are the business practices: tax evasion and money laundering in all their forms. Whistleblower Rudolf ELMER has made them public. With the help of WikiLeaks, among other things. He is still on trial for this today.


Whistleblower Rudolf ELMER - the Chronology

Here was the headquarters of all Julius Baer offshore companies from Zurich: Just don't attract attention! For good reasons. And clients don't come by either. For good reasons. Rudolf ELMER has started to stand up to it. more ...


Rudolf ELMER -the long story short

The aftermath of his whistleblowing up to now - a short version of a long story


Prof. KALLENBERGER on litigation, banking secrecy, trusts and whistleblowing

Causa Elmer’: Facts about a 14-year justice scandal concerning litigation, banking secrecy, trusts and whistleblowing by Prof. Dr. iur. Werner KALLENBERGER