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This "ABC" in English language is under permanent construction. Permanent, because there is a lot to communicate. Permanent also, because there is a lot of information and connections that need to be presented in a comprehensive way.

This "ABC", which is called "Fume Event ABC", collects information on two subject areas, for which there is a separate page (survey) each with links to many individual aspects:

Even if these articles are called "Fume Event-ABC", they also refer to the problem area of "Occupational Health/Diseases-ABC".

DokZentrum, on whose page you are, has already dealt with three main topics, which have been extensively reviewed:

  • At (in German) we talk about the systems of the statutory accident insurance, the professional associations, the branch of occupational medicine and occupational diseases.
  • At (in EN)
    the problem of Fume Events and the consequences is documented and since when it has been known to cause health damage.

  • At (in German language)
    this is where we reconstructed how things had gone with this harmful substance: since when people knew about it, who prevented asbestos from being banned, who was involved and how long it took.

Parallel to this, the research project "Risk perception" ( is running at the Competence Center Communication (CCCOM) of the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. The results obtained there are communicated here on in a generally understandable way. The "DokZentrum" acts as the public mouthpiece of the science project.

The 'Mission' of this ABC

The purpose of this ABC is to collect and process information which either has not been included in such detail in one of the above-mentioned topics or which has been summarised here for a better overview.

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Regulatory Authorities and Air Safety - the case of the Boeing 737 Max 8

Boeing's CEO MUILENBURG had controlled himself as Chairman of the Board: in his capacity as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Boeing had also taken over governmental tasks: those of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). And also controlled itself in this respect. The FAA did not do anything about it. Nor did the US administration. Result of two "Boeing 737 Max 8 - crashes" in a row: 346 deaths. Do the state supervisors even guarantee flight safety?


Cockpit Flight Reports after fume event

We document here subsequent reports or accident reports from pilots who had got into a fume event. And who can no longer fly. If you read these reports, you don't really want to get on a plane


The hunt for Tricresylphosphate (TCP)

TCP cannot be directly detected in the human body: It is a "hit and run" substance - just like many other poisons (e.g. Sarin, Skripal or Novitschok). The assertion that no TCP could be detected does not mean that it was never there. We document why this is so and what is known about TCP. Or does not know. And who has an interest in misleading others.


Criticism of the SCHINDLER Study 2013

A study commissioned by the BG Verkehr, which is repeatedly quoted and brought up by the scientific institution "IPA" of the DGUV, the German Statutory Accident Insurance. But it is not very informative - if you take a closer look (which we have done): it's simply not relevant.


Underreporting Fume Events: Perception Trap and Safety in Aviation

"Underreporting" means: to play down, to minimize, to downplay something. It happens systematically. And it lulls everyone - on the basis of low figures - into a sense of security. But it is a perception trap: and it represents nothing other than a risk: for air traffic safety, the crew and also frequent flyers.