Frank Brendel - Journalist & Trainer

Frank Brendel, born in 1960, began his career in Journalism in 1991. After writing for multiple big german serials like taz, Tagesspiegel, SPIEGEL and Greenpeace Magazin as well as public media broadcasters e.g. MDR, BR and NDR. Brendel specialized in information research for different NGOs.

In 1998 he started training others in this field, and finished co-writing 'Richtig recherchieren', "Good Investigating" (ISBN 3927282588 9783927282582).

Throughout the years, Brendel continued to do professional investigations for hire, like the one for Greenpeace, detailed here under the title A Three-Week Undercover Investigation.

Besides his investigation, Brendel's focus goes to training other journalists and other professionals related to information research. Some examples:

  • Evangelische Journalistenschule (evangelic school of journalism): advanced classes for writing/editing in serial publications or general writing
  • MDR, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (Central German Broadcasting): docent of information research for voluntary writers
  • Bundespolizeiakademie (federal police academy): advanced classes on investigating open sources